About Us

Creative tension drives disruption

Thought Leaders was founded by longtime friends, Mark Singleton and Patrick Gates. Both came from very different backgrounds - Mark, a serial entrepreneur with a background in finance, energy, political influence and Patrick, a corporate warrior with a background in everything commerce and media.

Their different backgrounds provided a positive tension that created disruptive thinking and solutions. To supplement existing skills they turned to their vast networks to engage industry experts and leaders on startups and projects. This includes services like Business Planning, Multi Platform Commerce (B to B & C), Marketing, Digital Strategies, CRM, Consumer Experience, Media/Content, Merchandising, Supply Chain and Distribution.

The Thought Leaders team brings a unique blend of senior leadership, innovation & financial results from companies like Mars, Discovery Communications, Nabisco, AOL, Barneys New York, Reynolds American, HSN, Swander Pace Capital, QVC, Liberty Media, Clorox, KPMG, Neiman Marcus, Starboard Cruise Services, NFL, Time Warner and Gray Reed as examples

Working in these environments taught us how to innovate, scale, compete and win. It also left us wanting for quicker execution and ability to pivot without global consensus. Let us provide you with some different thinking and action plans that can actually be implemented 


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